• Cancer Survivor, Now What?

    Posted July 3 by Patti Johnson

    Hey All, I wanted to chat a bit about Cancer Survivorship. I know we focus a lot on treatments but what about aftertreatments? After the surgery is done. After the chemotherapy is completed. After the radiation therapy is over. What now? I want to address that. First off, I hope every pa...

  • Merging the Person with the Patient

    Posted April 5 by Patti Johnson

    Hello All. Informed decision is important. It’s important to you. It’s important to your family andfriends. It’s important to providers. It’s important to clinicians. So, I thinkyou understand IT’S IMPORTANT! The diagnosis of cancer can take away a person’ssense...

  • Pink Pearls Tonight

    Posted April 5 by Libby Headley

        Hello Pink Pearls!  Tonight starting at 5:00 pm we will have our monthly Breast Cancer Support Group meeting.  I hope you all and others who have breast cancer will come down to Infirmary Cancer Care.  We are going to demo our newest Online Community for Cancer Patie...

  • A day at ICC

    Posted March 21 by Erin Laffiette

    For my first blog post, I thought I would share these pictures taken by a patient that made my heart smile big! :-) (I received permission to post) At Mrs. Mcdonald's most recent appointment, ICC provided her with scarves/headwraps due to hair loss after treatment. We discussed different w...

  • "Never a Good Time to Get Cancer"

    Posted March 19 by Bob Mobley

    To quote Dr. Lou DeGennaro, President of LLS, “There is never a good time to get cancer but it is a phenomenal time to be fighting it.” And the numbers from last year support that statement. Eighteen new treatments for blood cancers received FDA approval during 2017. Compared to most yea...

  • Learning to use head scarf

    Posted March 9 by Libby Headley

    Do you need help tying scarves for your head?  Check out  as there are three instructional videos shared here for patients that have experienced hair loss as a result of their chemotherapy.  Share your pics after you try one of these styles and...

  • Cancer Rehabilitation

    Posted March 9 by Blakeley Greene

    "The goal of cancer prehabilitation is to prevent or lessen the severity of anticipated treatment-related problems that could lead to later disability. Cancer prehabilitation has many potential benefits. In addition to improved physical and psychological health outcomes for oncology patients, cancer...

  • Chemo-Brain

    Posted March 9 by Blakeley Greene

    TREATING CHEMO BRAIN According to the American Cancer Society, for years people with cancer have been frustrated by the mental cloudiness they sometimes notice before, during, and after cancer treatment. Even though its exact cause isn’t known, and it can happen at any time when you h...

  • Swallowing Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

    Posted March 9 by Blakeley Greene

    Hey guys! I wanted to pass along some information regarding the importance of beginning treatment as soon as possible (best if around the time of diagnosis). This article explains how outcomes may be improved as a result of early and consistent therapy for swallowing.    Swallowing Thera...

  • Hormone Therapy

    Posted February 22 by Patti Johnson

    As a female we are distinct and different indivduals. These difference also occur in the different types of breast cancer. Based on these molecualr differences in breast cancers, each individual woman will be offered a different treatment plan. Hormone therapy is generally a part of your treatm...

  • Did you know...

    Posted February 20 by Stephanie Ball

    I read somewhere it takes 12 weeks once you start an exercise program to see results. :0  How frustrating is that??? Well me being me "A want it now girl" found a couple of ways to get those results faster.  My guy friends this tip is for you: exericse with a female.  You l...

  • What is Daughter spelled with an L?? a good joke.

    Posted February 20 by Caroline Koch

    So does anyone else remember those little strips of paper that got passed out in 8th grade science class? I’m sure your teacher instructed everyone to wait until everyone had a strip and then you were told to promptly place that strip on your tongue. After about 10 seconds half of the class ma...

  • Meet Your Cancer Rehab Team: Speech Therapists

    Posted February 19 by Infirmary Cancer Care Rehab Team

    Certified Cancer Speech Therapists As your speech therapist, I can help you with: overcoming swallowing issues with foods, liquids, medicine or saliva; managing pain or difficulty when swallowing; improving memory, attention or problem solving after your chemotherapy treatment; reducing tight...

  • Meet Your Cancer Rehab Team: Occupational Therapists

    Posted February 19 by Infirmary Cancer Care Rehab Team

    Certified Cancer Occupational Therapists As your occupational therapist, I can help you with: provide education to prepare you for the functional limitations that may result from your cancer treatments; improving your level of independence; recovering your skills needed for daily living follow...

  • Meet Your Cancer Rehab Team: Physical Therapists

    Posted February 19 by Infirmary Cancer Care Rehab Team

    Certified Cancer Physical Therapists As your physical therapist, I can help you with: regaining balance; strengthening muscles to combat general weakness and chronic fatigue; improving range of motion in your arms and/or legs; reducing swelling in your legs, arms or chest after treatment to t...

  • Blood Cancer Support

    Posted February 16 by Bob Mobley

    Please let anyone you know who has been affected by blood cancer – patients, survivors, caregivers, or family members – about the ICC Blood Cancer Support group. The group meets bimonthly on the 4th Thursday of the month at 5PM at ICC. Each meeting will include an educational subject pre...

  • Hello from Breast Navigator

    Posted February 16 by Libby Headley

    Hello from me and I am so excited about this new community for Infirmary Cancer Care.  Please feel free to reach out to me on here with any questions about breast health or breast cancer.  I will do my best to answer you and provide support.   

  • Who doesn't like Fried Chicken Fridays?

    Posted January 10 by Caroline Koch

    So, nowadays I feel like people talk about typing their symptoms into WebMD and seeing death in the forefront fairly often. I totally understand the comical aspect of this, but as a medical professional, I thought I would dig a little deeper. I took it upon myself to experiment with symptoms, in or...

  • If you knew you had a 90% chance of getting a cold would you dr

    Posted January 9 by Caroline Koch

    Growing up in a family of girls was… interesting haha. Between my mother, me, and my three sisters, bathroom time was limited to say the least. Besides the fights of “that’s MY sweater” and “Get out of my room” we all got along pretty well. Now our rein of female...

  • ICC Cancer Outreach

    Posted March 21, 2017 by Dan Schoonover

    Infirmary Cancer Care is set apart from other cancer programs due to the scope of our comprehensive program and streamlined patient care access. Multi-interdisciplinary teams of experts collaborate on each patient’s case during our renowned weekly tumor conferences; access is also provided to ...

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    Posted March 14, 2017 by Andrew Ferrell

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